EARL BISS Documentary

EARL BISS Documentary

EARL BISS DocumentaryEARL BISS DocumentaryEARL BISS Documentary

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Feature-length documentary coming soon. 

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In his own words, EARL BISS reveals his joyous, dynamic, tumultuous journey to success in the art world. Stories from members of the Crow Nation, friends and family, and art patrons provide further understanding of the art and life of this mystical, controversial artist. 

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I believe in magic. In fact, I live magic. There is no other way to be that is real.

~ Earl Biss

EARL BISS - Crow Artist


EARL BISS was a catalyst during the golden era when a group of young Native artists came through the Institute of American Indian Art and transformed Native art from primitive, stylized forms to fine art. This miracle generation contributed to the explosion of Contemporary Southwest Art that began in the 1960s. Considered the lead Native American painter of this movement by many critics, Biss was recognized by one Southwest art critic and collector as the greatest colorist of the 20th Century.

Influenced by European masters, yet forging an evolving style all his own, Biss drew upon his rich heritage of the Crow Indians – the Apsáalooke – as a primary force shaping his art. At the heart of his work was always his love of the Apsáalooke, which shone through his art like a beacon of light bursting through a storm. 

(Earl Biss photo above by Louisa Davidson)

Coming Soon


EARL BISS - The Spirit Who Walks Among His People is a feature length-documentary currently in post-production. The film will be screened in summer of 2020.

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Seidel City, 3205 Longhorn Rd, Boulder, CO

September 14, 2019, 6:30 - 10:00 pm

EARL BISS Exhibit/Book Signing/Film Preview 

(9:30 pm)

Featured artist's in attendance:



Opening Reception 

and Talk by Ukranian arts advocate Luba Michailova begins at 6:30 pm.


LISA GERSTNER: Director/Producer


Author of the biography "Experiences with Earl Biss", Lisa Gerstner is a producer, director, film score composer, writer, and artist. She has co-produced a feature film, produced a documentary, and directed/produced many educational videos in the arts field, including a series of short films on renown sculptor, Gib Singleton. Well versed in multiple creative disciplines, film brings together her skills to produce highly engaging stories. She is adept at getting to the heart of a message and portraying it in a way that resonates deeply with the audience for which it is intended. Lisa has a Master of Science in Education Media Design and Technology, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

PAUL ZUEGER: Executive Producer


  President of American Design Ltd (ADL), Paul Zueger has been in the Fine Arts Business for over 40 years. His company handles artwork from prominent artists from all over the world. ADL is a key sponsor for the Earl Biss Documentary and the publisher of two art books and a biography on the artist. He is dedicated to putting forth the legacy of master oil painter, Earl Biss, in a number of ways.

JAYME S. PARKER: Film Consultant


Twenty-four years in the motion picture industry, Jayme served as a documentary producer and network TV camera operator (NBC), managed a Post-Production Facility in Toronto, was instrumental in the application of Digital Sound to Feature Films, and earned several nominations and awards, including Golden Reel and Oscar. Jayme has worked on numerous major films such as Field of Dreams, Lethal Weapon 3, The Thin Red Line, Die Hard 2, and The Bridges of Madison County.

For this film, Jayme lends his expertise as film consultant, co-editor, and audio post-production

TOM BOSTON: Sound Recorder


Tom holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music composition and performance. Tom has live recording experience using the Tascam 680 digital recorder for film/video production: Documentaries - “Girls on Purpose”, “Earl Biss - The Spirit Who Walks Among His People”, Gib Singleton art videos. He has live-sound mixing experience for a large ECK Temple in Lakewood Colorado using Midas M32R digital mixer. Tom has mentored under award-winning motion picture sound production engineer, Jayme Parker. He also has professional live performing experience in Pop/Rock/Jazz bands. 

JOEL SHUTE: Camera/Grip


An expert kayaker and back country skier, Joel Shute has shot and edited extreme skiing videos in Alaska and Colorado. Joel is a nature photographer which developed in his work as a botanist and as an avid outdoorsman. Currently, Assistant Manager for Pipeline Solutions LLC, Joel has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. 



American Design Ltd

Gib Singleton Museum of Fine Art

Victor L Abbo Law Offices

Wild Horse Films LLC invites additional sponsors to support the legacy of Crow artist, Earl Biss.


Want to read the Earl Biss story?

EXPERIENCES WITH EARL BISS - The Spirit Who Walks Among His People

Written in Cooperation with Earl Biss

By Lisa Gerstner

An award-winning book, the author worked directly with the artist in 1994-1995 when Earl Biss asked her to write his biography.

Can't wait for the Movie?

Buy the book!

Award-winning finalist/Best Book awards/American Book FesT

Art Category


Biography Category



One of the most powerful books I've ever read. Lisa is superb, and Earl Biss WAS a genius! 

~ Cheryl Westphal, Gallery Manager, Aspen Grove Fine Arts

As a close friend and apprentice of Earl Biss for 20 + years, I dove right into this book and appreciated the love, care and reverence Lisa portrayed throughout for a true and flawed genius. 

~ Louisa Davidson, Artist

So beautifully written, I was in tears most the time.  

~ Gail Scilacci-Abbo, Art Collector

Your extensive interviews and gifted storytelling make this biography an enduring treasure. People who, like me, had never heard of Earl Biss before you brought him to my attention, will become familiar with his life and work for generations. Your book will endure because of your devotion to telling this story. 

~ Michael Phillips Mann, Editor

You captured Earl Biss perfectly! How did you do that?

~ Victor Abbo, Attorney, Art Collector, Long-time Friend of Earl

I am LOVING the book. The way you chose to tell the story first-person is very compelling. I can imagine the tremendous responsibility you felt taking on this subject and you've done it justice. The photo of T.C., Cannon, Fritz Scholder and Earl Biss is incredible. When I saw my first painting by Earl Biss, I could instantly recognize something "extra" was taking place both on the canvas and within me. The book is helping me clarify what that was.

~ Chadd Scott, Arts & Travel Writer

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